Assessment Cover Sheet

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Assessment Coversheet for Students to ensure compliance with the standards, including Authenticity under the Rules of Evidence.

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Assessment Cover Sheet

The Assessment Cover Sheet can be used by students when submitting their assessments to the RTO. This form verifies that the assessment has been completed by the student, it also keeps a record of assessment and competency achieved.

This template assists with ensuring compliance with Authenticity under the Rules of Evidence:

  • Ensure that evidence gathered ‘belongs’ to the student being assessed and provides evidence of that person’s skills and knowledge. For example, group assessments may not provide authentic evidence for each student involved in the group assessment.
  • Verify that the person you are enrolling, training and assessing is the same person that will be issued with a qualification or statement of attainment. This can be particularly challenging if you deliver distance training, including through online methods, where there are more opportunities for students to submit the work of others than there are in a ‘traditional’ classroom setting. This does not remove your responsibility to verify the identity of a student enrolled in a face-to-face course, but it is clearly easier to do this through direct interaction with the student. Regardless of the delivery method, you must be able to demonstrate how you have verified the identity of the student.
  • Where portions of the evidence submitted are gathered through independent study (e.g. assignments or projects) rather than through direct observation, consider using online systems to check work submissions for plagiarism and identical content in other submissions

For further information regarding the relevant Standards for RTOs for this document, please refer to:


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