Assessment Validation Report

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This tool is to be used when validating assessment tools to record if modifications are required, recommendations, and if the assessment tool meet each principle of assessment.

Validation is a review of your assessment judgements made by the RTO. Validation can be conducted prior to using a tool, "pre-assessment validation" to verify that it is compliant against the training product and after using the tool, "post assessment validation" to ensure that the tool IS collecting sufficient evidence that the student is competent. The process must be undertaken in a systematic way.

The Standards define validation as the quality review of the assessment process. Validation involves checking that the assessment tools produce valid, reliable, sufficient, current and authentic evidence to enable reasonable judgements to be made as to whether the requirements of the training package or VET accredited courses are met. It includes reviewing a statistically valid sample of the assessments and making recommendations for future improvements to the assessment tool, process and/or outcomes and acting upon such recommendations.

Assessment Validation is a quality review and is not intended to be used to make adjustments or changes to assessment outcomes. When developing your plan for validation, remember that:

  • Each training product on your RTO’s scope of registration must undergo validation at least once every five years.
  • A ‘training product’ can be defined as an item on your RTO’s ‘explicit scope of registration’ as published on the national register, If you have single units as explicit scope items, they are considered to be a ‘training product’ in their own right.
  • You must ensure your plan allows for validation of at least 50 per cent of the training products in the first three years of that cycle.
  • Where specific risks have been identified, you may need to validate certain training products more often (for example, if your RTO’s industry consultation identifies areas of particular risk).
  • ASQA may determine specific training products require particular attention; if this occurs, advice will be published to


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