Assessment Validation Schedule

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The Assessment Validation Schedule is the key to monitoring your validation in accordance with the Standards for RTOs

Assessment Validation Schedule

The purpose of the Assessment Validation Schedule is to ensure that all assessment tools are validated over a 5-year period, with 50% of the tools to be validated over the first 3 years. All training products are placed into the schedule to identify when they should be validated over a 5-year period. Training products are validated according to a risk rating. Higher risk units, those units that have a higher risk of safety for students, are prioritised as high priority for validation and should be validated before low risk units.

The schedule includes a risk rating for each unit to identify whether a unit is a high, medium or low risk to the student. Units identified as a high risk, is to be validated before the low risk units and should be validated within the first 3-year period.

Validation is a review of assessment judgements made by your RTO. Validation is generally conducted after assessment is complete. The process must be undertaken in a systematic way.

Validation may include engagement with industry. This engagement aims to confirm your RTO’s assessment system:

  • produces valid assessment judgements
  • ensures graduates have the skills and knowledge required by industry, as expressed in the training package or accredited course.

For more information regarding compliance with the Standards for RTOs, please refer to Clause 1.9-1.11:


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