Professional Development Plan

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A plan to be used with the Trainer Assessor to determine professional development requirements to comply with the standards

Quality training and assessment depends on the skills and knowledge of trainers and assessors, this Professional Development Plan assists the RTO to identify how and when the trainer should undertake PD to ensure their currency within their industry and the VET sector.

The Standards specify that trainers and assessors are skilled VET practitioners with current industry skills and knowledge. This ensures students receive the training they need and graduates are properly assessed before being issued with a qualification or statement of attainment.

ASQA has identified that there are high levels of non-compliances at audit when it comes to trainers and assessors. Lack of the required skills and knowledge undermines the quality of the student experience and directly affects the quality and credibility of the RTO.

If a trainer and assessor holds the direct equivalent training product they are delivering and has recent extensive industry experience, this may be sufficient to demonstrate they hold both current industry skills and vocational competencies.

In some cases, your Trainers may have significant industry experience but not hold any formal qualifications—in such cases, you would need to analyse the skills and knowledge they deliver and compare this to their industry skills and knowledge. Consider all units of competency (including electives) in this analysis to ensure that you are meeting the requirements for trainers and assessors specified in the training package or accredited course. This can be done using the Professional Development Plan, in conjunction with the Trainers Matrix.

A Professional Development plan is developed between the trainer and the RTO to encourage professional growth in relation to their position and to maintain currency of skills to industry standards.

For more information on compliance with the Standards for Trainer Recruitment, please refer to:


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