Trainer & Assessor – Position Description

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A Position Description template you can contextualise for your RTO. Ensure that your Trainers and Assessors know their responsibilities

Position Description - Trainer & Assessor

A Position Description is important for identifying the key performance criteria that your staff are required to meet, what are your KPIs, how do you ensure that your team understand their responsibilities within their role.

A position description is a written statement describing the purpose or objective of a position within your organisation, a list of tasks performed by the position holder, and a description of how, and under what conditions, they perform the role.

Essentially, a detailed, up-to-date job description benefits the employer, the employee and the RTO by providing structure and clarity in the following ways:

  • Clarifies the RTOs expectations of the Trainer and Assessor, and provides a clear description of the tasks to be carried out by the Trainer. This clarity creates motivation.
  • Provides clear reference points against which the Trainer's performance can be measured and thus forms the basis for performance reviews, as well as for counselling.
  • The Trainer and Assessor Position Description outlines the TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment requirements
  • Includes the requirements to maintain Professional Development against the requirements of Standard 1.13 of the Standards for RTOs
  • Provides a neutral, authoritative reference tool for resolving queries, thus minimising disputes and arguments.
  • Provides a structure as well as the discipline for the employer to clarify and structure all jobs and ensure that the activities, duties and responsibilities necessary to the success of the business are covered by one role or another.
  • Forms the basis of job ads, thereby helping to attract only the most suitable candidates.
  • Forms the basis of interview questions that will help the employer to identify the most suitable candidate and thus avoid a bad hire.

This document is the position description for the Trainer and Assessor position, the document includes the roles and responsibilities of the Trainer and Assessor. This position description should be signed by the Trainer and Assessor and placed onto the employees file.

For more information on the compliance requirements for Trainers and Assessors, go to: Clauses 1.13 to 1.16—Employ skilled trainers and assessors


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